About Us

Renew Rx is a self-care inspired beauty and wellness brand that provides a system of self-care for the everyday busy woman through handcrafted, cruelty-free bath and body products. Whether your title is mom, wife, student, boss, or any other role, it is important that you carve out time for you. Being a busy women and anxiety warrior, I created this brand to help women just like me. I know that sometimes the only time we have to ourselves is when we are indulging in our routine. My goal is to enhance your self-care experience while helping you have a consistent daily natural glow, moistured skin, and a healthy yoni!Created in Houston, TX, Renew Rx promotes self-care, self-love, and relaxation through a variety of handcrafted and cruelty free products. We use a range of natural, vegan, and organic ingredients to create our offerings.  Renew Rx is committed to redefining self-care and providing customers with options that promote relaxation that do not require a prescription. 
Courtney Mayfield
Owner, Renew Rx